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Sunday, 29 March 2015


                                                    Potato roast roll

This potato roast recipe was introduced to me by a friend RETHISH G PRABHU  in a lovely food group.I altered it slightly to my needs and made this into a healthy filling meal loaded with veggies.Thank you Rethish annu for this lovely recipe.

Ingredients for making potato roast

Baby potatoes-10
Tomato sauce-1-2 tsp
Soy sauce-1 tsp
Kasuri methi-1 tsp

For marination

Rice flour-1-2 tbsp
Red chilly powder-1 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Coriander powder-1 tsp
Dry mango powder-1 tsp
Roasted cumin powder-1 tsp

For seasoning

Oil-1 tbsp
Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
Fennel seeds-1/2 tsp
Crushed ginger-1 tsp
Crushed garlic-1 tsp

Ingredients used  for assembling the roll

Rotis/Chapathy -2
Grated carrots 1/4 cup
Sliced onions from 1/2 of a medium sized one
Curd-2 tbsp
Bell pepper fingers-4
Chaat masala to sprinkle


1.Pressure cook the baby potatoes.peel n cube them i you prefer and keep aside.

2.Now take a mixing bowl add all the ingredients or marination into it along with baby potatoes.Toss them well.keep aside for atleast 15 minutes.

3.Now heat oil in a kadai ,once it is hot add in the cumin seeds and fennel seeds.

4.Once it pops up add in the crushed ginger and garlic.saute them or few seconds.

5.Time to add in the marinated potatoes.mix well.

6.Let it fry for few second on slow flame till potatoes get s slight brown markings on them,

7.Once done add in the sauces and kasuri methi.Toss well.

8.Do a taste test and you are free to adjust the spices .

Now time to asssemble

Take a roti/chapathy/indian flat bread of your choice

Sprinkle grated carrots generously over it.

Place a spoon or 2 of potato roast

Place few slices of onion and bell peppers

Pour a tablespoon of curd over it

Sprinkle chaat masala according to your taste.Roll it and secure it using a tooth pick.

Enjoy..! Indian Matrimonials
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Saturday, 28 March 2015


                             SAMBHARAM/SPICY BUTTERMILK



Curd/yogurt/thayru/thaak-1/2 cup
Water-1/2 cup
Ginger/adrak/inji/alae-1/2 tbsp
Shallots/pearl onions-3 -4
Curry leaves/kady patha/karivepila/karbhapathy-a handful
Green chillies-2
Salt to taste
                        Feel free to increase or decrease the amount of ingredients according to the taste of your family members


1.Crush ginger,shallots and green chilies using a mortar and pestle


crushed mixture

2.Beat curd ,water and salt in a mixie jar, now  into it  add all the crushed ingredients.Pulse it two or three times.

3.Do a taste test.It should have that spiciness of ginger and chillies.

4.Transfer it into serving khullads or glasses.



Thursday, 26 March 2015


Watermelon salad


Water melon chunks-1 cup

Spice powders used

Roasted cumin powder-1/2 tsp
Chaat masala-1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Lemon juice from half of a lime


Slice tomato and onion.deseed the watermelon chunks

Now transfer all the ingredients into a mixing bowl.

Toss them well.

Finally squeeze lime juice.

Serve and enjoy..

                     Indian Matrimonials

Saturday, 14 March 2015


Green Peas Masala - Kerala style

 This recipe was shared by my friend Archana in a blog.We loved it a lot and thought of sharing the same with you here goes the recipe.

Serves-2 -3

Green peas- 1/3 cup
Potato-4 small size
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp

Oil-1 tbsp(suggest coconut oil)
Kadukku/mustard seeds- 1 tsp
Curry leaves- 1 sprig
Ginger-1 "piece
Garlic-4-5 pods
Green chilly-1 -2
Onion-2 medium size
Tomato-2 medium size

Coriander powder-2 tsp
Chicken masala-2 tsp(suggest to use kerala brands like eastern chicken masala/nirapara)

Water as needed
Thick coconut milk- 1/3 cup


1.Extract coconut milk and keep aside.Chop all the veggies and keep it aside.

2.Wash and clean the peas and potato and pressure cook it adding salt and turmeric powder.Keep it aside.

3.Heat oil in a kadai. once it is hot add in the mustard seeds.Allow them to pop up.

4.Once done add in the curry leaves.Saute for a second.

5.Time to throw in the onions along with crushed ginger,garlic and green chillies.Saute till they become soft and translucent.

6.Add in the spice powders like the coriander powder and chicken masala.Mix well.

7.Once its raw smell goes off add in the cooked peas and cubed potato chunks.Mix again.

8.Finally add in the main ingredient that impart flavour to the dish ,the coconut milk.mix well.Switch off the flame just before it starts bubbling.

9.If you wish drizzle few drops of coconut oil and keep it covered till you serve it.. combo with Appam,Idiyapaam,Kerala porotta or even with Ghee rice or steamed rice..!

Use the below links for the recipe of

Kerala porotta:



Green peas masala kerala style Indian Matrimonials
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Friday, 13 March 2015


                                             Apple Shrikhand

Serves -2


Curd/yogurt- 1 1/2 cup
Apple-1/2 of a small apple
sugar-2 tbsp

To Garnish

Dry fruits of your choice


1.Take 1 1/2 cup of curd in a kitchen towel .Tie a knot or if u dont know then, no issues you can put an elastic rubber band and hang it for 3-5 hours,so that all the water in it will drip off.

2.Once done scoop out all that hung curd from the towel.

3.Pour it in a blender along with sugar and  blend  well .Make sure that there are no lumps in it.

Note:While blending if you prefer you are free to add saffron strands or crushed cardomom as well.

4.Transfer it into a serving bowl.

5.Garnish with dry fruits or even with apple slices and serve as such or chill .


Note:if you dont like the apple flavour in it then just avoid the apple and enjoy the plain shrikhand.
        :if you like mangoes then instead of apple add mango puree(for that just pulse mango pieces in a blender without adding water .our puree is ready to use)and make mango shrikhand.

APPLE SHRIKHAND Indian Matrimonials
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Sunday, 8 March 2015


                 Cheese Chilli Garlic Toast on stove top



Bread slice-2
Cheese-1 cube small one
Green chilly-1
Garlic-3 pods

Salt to taste
Pepper powder- a pinch
Ghee - 1tsp


Grate the cheese cube in a small bowl

Finely chop the de-seeded green chilly and garlic .

Pour it along with the grated cheese.give them a toss.

Sprinkle a pinch of  salt and pepper powder.mix again.

Divide the mixture into 2 portions.Keep it aside

Now take the bread slices sprinkle half of the mixture on one and the other half on the other bread slice.

Heat a dosa pan on medium flame,drizzle little ghee on the pan and place carefully both the slices .

Cover and cook on very low flame till the cheese melts.Be careful not to burn the bread slices.

Our cheesy garlicky toast is ready to serve.




 Kerala Style Meen peera/ Meen peera pattichathu/Anchovies cooked with crushed garlics and coconut /Netholi thoran

Serves :2


Anchovies/netholi -200grams
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp

For Crushing

Coconut scrapings-1/2 cup
Garlic - 4-5 pods
Ginger-1 inch piece
Shallots- 5-6
Green chilly-1 -2

For Tempering

Oil- 1 -2 tsp
Mustard seeds
Cambogia/Kudampuli/malabar tamarind/brindle berry-2-3

For Garnishing

Curry leaves- 1 sprig
Coconut oil-1 tsp


1.Clean and wash the anchovies several times and keep aside.Soak the kudampuli in 1/4 cup of water .

2.Crush everything coarsely given under the label 'TO CRUSH '.Keep aside.

3.Place a kadai on the stove top.

4.Heat oil .Once it is hot add in the mustard seeds.Allow them to splutter.

5.Once done add in the crushed mixture and saute for few seconds.

6.Now add in the fish .Just give a mix

7.Add in the kudampuli /mangoes along with water,salt and turmeric powder.Give them a good toss.

8.Cover with a lid and cook till its done.It will take only few minutes.

9.Once done ,check for salt .If it tastes good then add 1 sprig of curry leaves and drizzle a teaspoon of coconut oil and keep it covered till you serve it.

10.Enjoy with steamed rice.

MEEN PEERA Indian Matrimonials