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Thursday, 24 July 2014



Makes 14 poori


Beetroot puree-1/2 cup
Wheat flour-1 1/2 cup
Salt as needed


1.Pressure cook beetroot.Peel of its skin and make a puree of it using a blender.This is what we are going to use instead of water in making poori.

2.Take atta in a mixing bowl add salt to taste and just mix dry powders well.

3.Now into it add the puree and knead to get a smooth and soft dough.(don't feel lazy in this step. You should knead well for at least 4/5 minutes then only you will get your poori puffed up like a bubble)

3.Add little oil also in between(the amount of oil used can be adjusted accordingly)once you get a soft dough keep it aside for at least 10 minutes covered with a wet kitchen towel.

4.Now as usual pinch equal size ball .

5.Dust with little atta and  roll them .

6.Once you have finished rolling all pooris ,deep fry them in piping hot oil of your choice.(fry in high flame).

7.Enjoy with your favorite curry..
Beetroot Poori Indian Matrimonials

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