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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Rice Gruel / Kanji /paej

Rice Gruel / Kanji /paej

Rice Gruel is something that reminds me of my life in Kerala and nothing else will be a BON APPETITE for Keralites &  especially for the Gouda Saraswat Brahmins(GSB) out there.It is such a comfort food that fill my mind and soul  & I am ready to have it 365 days 24/7.That is why a lot of memories flash into my mind when I think about this ultimate simple dish that anchors my mind to my native.

Memories down the Lane
          : After a tiring exam  once I push open THE DOORS  the first thing  
I enquire is about whether my paej has become ready & the answer will be 'Yes'..hahhhhhh a feeling of relaxation glues on my face..
           : After a week's travelling and restaurant food  sessions we will be dying to reach home and once we reach, amma will tell,Have a shower and come fast we will have some  paej and some ukkari (stir fry)oh..that feeling of comfort we used to get when having it is beyond all the fun we had during our travelling..
          : Once our tickets are confirmed, the first thing I will do is to call my amma and tell her ..'ma we will be there for lunch & once she asks what special dishes you guys want ??
               Answer will be given in a jiffy .. '.ma I want  paej and the phone will be passed on to my hubby.I know the answer is not so pleasing to them as they are waiting to shower there love by cooking a feast for us on our ARRIVAL after long duration of living apart. ..
               :  hey can we have paej and ukkari(simple stir fry) for tonight's dinner..???Nothing else in the world can make a kerala  house wife happy than these words form her husband..

         This refreshing  one pot meal which requires no hard work to prepare and  can be eaten with whatever your mind craves for is an additional benefit for the wives.Once we have this energy booster, all that tiredness will be washed off in no time 

Serves : 2


Red boiled rice- 1 cup
Water -5 cups


1.Handpick any dirt or small pebbles if present  along with the  rice grains.

ready to wash 

2.Wash and clean the rice in running water several times.Meanwhile pour 5 cups of water into the cooker and switch on the flame so that water will start boiling.

water is getting boiled
  2.Now once rice grains are well washed , add the rice grains into the pressure cooker.

washed and cleaned rice is poured into the cooker

3.Close the cooker with its lid.Switch the flame to high .Remove the vent weight ahead.Keep it aside.
closed with its lid
4.Wait for the steam to gush out through the vent tube.

steam is gushing out,time to put the vent weight
5.Once it comes out, put the vent weight & again switch the flame to low.

vent weight is attached on to the lid
5.Wait till you hear 4 whistles.Then switch off the flame.

its whistling..

6.Once pressure comes down fully, we can open the lid and our rice gruel is ready to serve..

rice gruel served with lemon pickle
paej and cauliflower greens with pepper

What is your favorite side dish or kanji......................??
Eager to hear from you ............................
Happy cooking my fellow people........! Indian Matrimonials

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