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Saturday, 12 September 2015

veg clear soup

A traditional soup from ancestral diary

   This was a soup which my grandmother used to make on  a wooden fire during the rainy days.This was one of the methods adopted by our forefathers for making the kids eat vegetables and ghee,which are usually disliked by majority of the toddlers.The aroma  that spreads in the house while cooking  itself attracts the members and brings them to the kitchen .I still remember me as a kid waiting for the soup to be poured in the bowl..
Here comes the RECIPE..


Lady finger/okra/vendaykka/bhindi- 4
Shallots- 4 to 5
Beans- 4 to 5

  note:can add veggies of your choice like the greens mushrooms,onions etc

Ghee- 1 tsp
Pepper powder as per your taste
Salt as needed
Few drops of edible oil
Water- 2 1/4 cups


1.Chop the veggies as per your wish .Keep them aside.

2.Place a pan ,once its hot add a teaspoon of ghee along with few drops of oil so that the ghee won't burn.

3.Add all the veggies and saute for a minute.

4.Now add salt and toss them up.

5.Time to add in the pepper powder.Mix well.

6.Cover and cook till the veggies are half done.

7.Open the lid ,add water,cover and cook till the veggies are completely done.Bring the soup to a boil.Once it starts bubbling switch off the flame.

8.Check for the salt and pepper powder and adjust accordingly.

9.Our soup is ready to be served..Enjoy..!!

     you can either strain and serve the liquid part alone
   can serve along with the veggies as we do...

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