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Friday, 4 September 2015

Sharjah shake (chocolate banana milk shake)

It's been a quite long time since this drink is on my to do list.But finally it happened today when my hubby bought the HERSHEY'S chocolate syrup and our home grown plantain turned yellow and we were craving for something sweet & chill & chocolicious..
Without making you guys wait jot it down..


Chilled milk-  2 cups
Ripe banana (small ones)- 4
Sugar- 5 spoons
Bakers drinking chocolate powder- 5 to 6 tsp
Chocolate syrup -->add generously                                                
Ice cubes-4

To garnish

Broken Cashews
Chocolate syrup


1.Blend the bananas, sugar.chocolate powder ,syrup and ice cubes till they become smooth and creamy.

2.Pour in the milk and blend well.

3.Transfer them into the serving glass garnish with cashews and chocolate syrup..


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