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Tuesday, 5 May 2015


                       DAHI CHIVDA   

Serves- 2


Rice flakes/poha/aval/chuda/phovu- 1 cup
Curd/dahi/thairu/maelaay-1 cup
Honey/thaen/movu-1 tbsp
Sugar-2 tsp

Fruits of your choice

I used

Robust banana-1
Orange-6 segments
Pineapple -2 slices


1.Make banana circles.

2.Mix sugar with curd and beat well so as to avoid lumps & add in the fruit pieces except few needed for garnishing.mix well.keep aside.

3.Soak chivda in water for 2- 3 minutes.It has to be soft not soggy.

4.Take the serving bowl add  half cup soft chivda now pour half of curd fruit mix.

5.Again add the rest of chivda and top it off with rest of the curd.

6.Garnish  with pineapple & banana circles and drizzle honey over it..Enjoy


 :feel free to change the amount of ingredients according to your wish.

 :can also add cardamom powder if you like.

:also add fruits of your choice.

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