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Friday, 10 April 2015


                                                          Veggie Momos



For the outer wrap

All purpose flour/maida- 1 cup(makes 8 large momos)
Salt to taste
Water required to knead the dough
Oil-1 tbsp

For Filling

Oil-1 tsp
Garlic-3/5 pods(we are garlic can decrease the number of pods)
Onion-1/4 cup
Capsicum/bell pepper finely chopped-1/4 cup
Carrot finely chopped-1/4 cup
Cabbage finely chopped-1/2 cup

Sugar-1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Pepper powder-1 - 1/2 tsp
Soy sauce-1/2 - 1 tsp


1.Lets make the filling ...

2.Take a pan add a teaspoon of oil.

3.Once it is hot add in the finely chopped garlic.Saute them for a second.

4.Add in the onions and capsicum.Saute them for few seconds.

5.Time to add the carrots,cabbage along with sugar and salt.Cook till they are half done so that the vegetables will stay crunchy.

6.Finally add in the soy sauce and pepper powder.Toss them well.Cover and cook for a minute or two.

7.Our filling is ready.

For making the outer cover...

1.Take all the dry ingredients for the outer wrap in a mixing bowl and mix them up.Now add oil and mix again.

2.Add water, little by little and knead it so as to get a stiff dough.

3.Pinch  balls of equal size and roll each ball into small circles.

Assembling process...

4.Spoon some filling in the center.Secure it by bringing the edges together in the form of pleats.

5.Pinch of the excess dough.Twist it slightly so that the pleats looks beautiful.

6.Steam for 8 minutes.Check whether the outer covering has become little transparent,as shown in the second pic and if the filling is visible ,momos are done..

7.Serve with chilly tomato sauce /schezwan sauce or dips of your choice..Enjoy..!!

my jumbo momos
tiny tot momos

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