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Thursday, 16 October 2014



HAI GUYS/GALS.. u people might be wondering why manju is not writing the recipe for this directly ,instead playing with words like this..
haha its nothing serious.I thought of sharing an experience of mine which gave me an inner spark to try out new dishes and finally ended up in wrtiting this paragraph.
           Few days back i was in a mood to try something with potatoes and the first recipe that flashed in my mind was this aloo jeera,and i was all set to search  for the recipe in various sites,books ,magazines .i have tasted this once but cant remember what all goes into this dish that makes it delicious.i searched in Google  and ended up with a big smile on my face.i was quite surprised to find out the fact that the recipes differed  in one or two ingredients only in each sites that may 
be because of the uniqueness each chef has in his/her mind and thoughts .Also may be because of the taste or flavour each family prefers and then i realised its up to  us that how our dish should taste.we ourself can make a recipe and give it a try .and thats my friend said  
  i dont have a recipe book ,once i'm in kitchen i mess up with flavours and condiments of my choice and end up with  a tasty dish which my family loves to eat again and again......
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