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Friday, 8 August 2014


Kadalaparipu suhiyan/Chonya dali Muuliku/Sweet balls  made of bengali gram split n skinned

Recipe source:GSB CUISINE

Makes 10  sweet balls


For filling:

Bengal gram split and skinned/kadlai parippu/Channa dal/chonya dali-1/2 cup

Sugar-1/3 cup

Ghee-1/2 tblsp

For batter:

Maida /all purpose flour-3-5 tblsp

Rice flour-3-4 tblsp

A pinch of salt

Water as needed


1. Pressure cook the dal for 15 minutes (i.e the dal should get  mashed if we press them) then slightly mash them to a smooth paste using a wooden spoon.

2. Heat a nonstick pan add ghee , mashed dal &sugar into it.Cook till it begins to leave from the sides of the pan.Once it cools down, make small balls out of it. (pinch balls out of it).Keep them aside.

3.In a mixing bowl add maida/ all purpose flour, rice flour ,salt,water and make a batter free of any lumps. (It should not be too thick or should be able to coat the above made balls. So be careful while adding water).

4. Heat oil in a kadai, once it's hot dip each balls in the batter first and then pour into the hot oil and fry till they become slightly brown.

5.Drain and transfer them onto paper towels.

6.Once it cools down..DIG IN AND ENJOY..

Cooked& Mashed dal

Balls are ready to be coated in batter and fried

Sweet balls Indian Matrimonials

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